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Health and aging are subject to the fundamental evolutionary influence of mobility. Difficulties with the locomotor system often stem from a weak muscular system, stress and too little movement. As a result, the neuromuscular system loses its ability to maintain the spine and the joints in a stable and functional manner. The abilities to coordinate and be aware of one’s body become impaired.


Through OLYMP training and coaching, the muscular system is rebuilt and strengthened. By doing so, the small, joint-stabilising muscles are not only encouraged to move but are also trained through targeted muscular activity which systematically increases their performance.


OLYMP stamina and strength training is always followed by the creation of a personalised plan that systematically promotes energy metabolism, hormonal balance and relaxation. Sophisticated and tried-and-tested concepts will bring you to your personal success in the shortest time possible.


Our services:

> Interdisciplinary team of experts

> Quick and flexible trainers and coaches

> Location-independent audio-visual personal training

> Analysis and Training apps

> State-of-the-art facilities

> Parking garage space

> Sauna, relaxation room and outside terrace

> Towel and bathrobe

> Beverages, fruit and snacks

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